Our Team

The Legacy Team Approach

Many Legacy professionals have served multiple generations within families, giving us a unique understanding of how needs can change over time. With our array of expertise, we can collaboratively lead your advisory team, including outside attorneys and tax professionals, to ensure all your wealth management strategies are aligned with your priorities.

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Our Staff of Talented and Credentialed Professionals

Our staff includes Chartered Financial Analysts™, Certified Financial Planners™, Certified Trust and Fiduciary Advisors™, attorneys, tax and estate planning experts, trust officers, and investment managers who are committed to building enduring relationships with you and all generations of your family.

Our personalized approach to wealth management has produced a growing list of clients who share our passion for excellence.

Together we work diligently to secure the future for their families and join efforts to build stronger communities.  We offer a truly holistic approach to empowering your financial life by providing you with not just one advisor, but a team of trusted professionals with the deep rooted and diverse expertise necessary to grow and protect your legacy. 


Our Team

Kay F. Bahn
Ranee H. Bahn
Lisa T. Bergan
Barbara A. Blashka
Rita J. Braun
Laurene M. Brooks
Kathy Brost
Kathleen A. Brost
Sarah L. Brown
Nick Carver
Nick Carver
Amy L. Coffey
Jill D. Custer
Suzanne C. Dennis
S. Sue Fencl
Paul A. Griesbach
Greg Hansen
Gregory S. Hansen
Doneen A. Hanson
Sue Hickey
Susan M. Hickey
Nicole T. Jones
Eric M. Jovanovich
Mary L. Jovanovich
Lisa G. Kewley
Nick D. Kewley
Sandi Lakey
Sandra L. Lakey
Chelsey Laus
Chelsey A. Laus
Michael B. Mahlik
Trinity L. Maurice
Joseph E. McGrane
Connor O'Brien
Connor R. O'Brien
Marta G. O'Brien
Kelly J. O'Shea
Teresa M. Pavelsky
Tammy M. Ross
Judith M. Runde
Gary L. Schaefer
Peter Schaefer
Peter J. Schaefer
Brenton Teeling
Brenton D. Teeling
Shoua Thao
Candy Thurs
Candy H. Thurs
Angel M. Will
Lucy A. Will
Olivia M. Will
Rachel K. Wolf