Ranee H. Bahn

Vice President,
Director of Enterprise Risk Management, Audit & Compliance

Ranee BahnRanee Bahn joined Legacy in 2014. Her primary duties are managing and monitoring our internal audits, risk measurements, and compliance processes. She brings more than 18 years of experience to strengthen the Legacy team. Prior to joining Legacy, Ranee had experience as a Client Services Manager, Trust Operations Manager, and Compliance Manager at Wisconsin-based regional banks. Ranee has completed the requirements of the Personal Trust School at Cannon Financial Institute and obtained her Certified Fiduciary & Investment Risk Specialist (CFIRS) designation.

If Ranee could combine her two favorite pastimes, it would be a book by John Grisham with a plot centered on a soccer team (to her dismay, the closest Grisham has gotten was a book about a former NFL player). She has traveled across the Midwest up, down, and sideways to attend her sons’ soccer games and is now enjoying the downtime provided by their college graduations.

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