Investment Management

Achieve Your Unique Financial Goals Through Customized Investment Solutions

Investment Management

We build customized portfolios to meet your objectives through a disciplined, consistent approach that emphasizes extensive market research, security selection, and strategic asset allocation. Our investment management services will give you confidence in growing your assets.


Customized and Efficient Investing

Our client-focused method of investing begins by listening and understanding your investment time horizon, your family dynamics, and your personal needs and goals. We combine our disciplined investment process utilizing quantitative screening and fundamental analysis with the flexibility to address your unique circumstances and asset mix. We can assist with customized portfolio strategies, concentrated or unique asset analysis, 401(k) and IRA rollovers and transfers, and income distribution strategies.

Our investment team creates client portfolios by blending equity selections with exchange traded funds (ETFs) to keep investment costs low while maximizing diversification, market opportunities, and tax efficiencies. Our proactive and strategic approach is essential in today’s dynamic markets and global economy. Our portfolio managers implement the Legacy strategy through:

The Legacy strategy is structured to mitigate downside risks, capitalize on economic and market trends, and maximize long-term, risk-adjusted performance. Through frequent investment reviews, we also strive to educate and ensure that you understand our investment approach, decisions, and outlook. You will also appreciate direct access to your portfolio manager for timely questions or analysis.


A fiduciary is someone who manages property or money on behalf of someone else. When you become a fiduciary, the law requires you to manage the person’s assets for their benefit—and not your own. In a fiduciary relationship, the person who must prioritize their clients’ interests over their own is called the fiduciary.

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