“Legacy has been very helpful. The biggest value is their willingness to handle a wide range of scenarios. I manage trust accounts and custodial accounts for a variety of family members and legal entities. Legacy understands each of these will have nuances and is very accommodating. They also assist with tax prep and filing and are very open to working with my attorney on insurance and legal matters as well. I believe in their low-cost ETF strategy for investing and they are transparent on true return net of fees. Overall, I find them easy to work with, and feel they have greatly simplified my estate planning.”

"I wanted to let you know how thrilled we are with the superb and personal service Legacy is providing us! We inherited our previous financial advisor from my parents and had absolutely no idea what a new relationship would look like. We are beyond wowed by the skill, responsiveness, and personal service we are getting from the entire Legacy team, but especially Candy and Connor. They have both gone above and beyond to answer questions, provide advice, and share relevant market updates and current events that could impact our situation. Wow, just WOW!"

“I would definitely refer a friend or family member to Legacy. They do a wonderful job in providing excellent investment services while truly taking the time to consider their client’s goals and objectives.”

“Legacy Private Trust offers us so much more than money management. In many respects, that element of the relationship is simply “table stakes”. The team at Legacy has helped us greatly as we navigate tax management and estate planning issues. They’ve worked as trusted advisors alongside our legal and accounting teams to properly position us to achieve our financial goals”

“I would absolutely refer a friend or family member to Legacy. While everyone’s situations and objectives are different, I am confident that everyone could benefit from the vast expertise and guidance they offer.”

“Legacy Private Trust has been an invaluable asset for our family financial planning for almost 15 years. The team, Mike Mahlik, Laurene Brooks, and Mary Jovanovich, has forged a partnership with us that has helped create and implement our personal, long-term plans. I cannot say enough about the quality, integrity, responsiveness, and full-service financial guidance that they have provided. I would unequivocally recommend Legacy to anyone who is looking for a long-term financial institution that really cares about their clients.”

“The leadership of Legacy Private Trust Company has assembled an incredible team of seasoned investment experts and trust services professionals. The Legacy team has not only met and exceeded our goals for asset growth but more importantly has educated and worked with our children & grandchildren in developing sound investment practices and realistic financial planning.“

“My family appreciates the attention Legacy places on building relationships with their clients. Legacy truly makes the effort to know their clients as individuals which helps to strengthen the comfort and trust we feel when working with them.”

“My family has been clients of Legacy for nearly 20 years. Our experience working with them has been outstanding. Legacy focuses on getting to know their clients on a personal basis and they truly care about the people they work with which we believe is important when trusting something with your financial future.”

“I feel beyond fortunate to have Legacy in my life. Legacy is not just a trust company, the people at Legacy are not just a trusted voice to turn to in times of uncertainty, and they are certainly not just financial advisors. To be a client of Legacy is a unique blessing, a privilege, and the best gift my family has given me. To have a team of experts to turn to who I wholeheartedly trust and respect provides a sense of security beyond words.”

“I have been a client of Legacy Private Trust Company since its inception. Trust and competency were the two most important factors for me in making the decision to switch from a bank trust department to Legacy. There has been consistency in personnel that I have dealt with and consistency in positive financial performance since day one. Also, efficiency in estate planning and administration was of the utmost importance to me. I have and would recommend Legacy to family and friends.”

“Mike Mahlik and Joe McGrane have served Northeast Wisconsin investment community in senior leadership positions, offering trust, investment, and advisory services for over 75 years combined.

"My wife and I have been Legacy clients since their inception, and we have chosen to remain with Legacy through the years because of the strong relationships and the trust we have in the team. I have peace of mind and absolute confidence that if anything should happen to me, with one phone call, my wife and my family will be taken care of with the utmost care and sound financial advice that we have become accustomed to at Legacy. We have experienced an enduring and rewarding relationship secured by total trust, exceptional service, and excellent wealth management. I emphatically recommend Legacy Private Trust Company to my friends and family members."

"We want to thank you for all the work you did on our living projections and coming up with a financial plan for us. You took our oranges and made them into apples so we could compare apples to apples. That was no small feat. Without your financial plan, Laurene and Sandy would have nothing to manage. Please know that your hard work and ability to run scenarios is the backbone of our future financial success."

“I have tremendous respect and confidence in the Legacy team of professionals that provide a full spectrum of financial services at a very high level of performance and returns. The culture and mission at Legacy is one of understanding and taking care of their clients. This is not only comforting, it helps us all sleep well knowing that there is a team of skilled, experienced, and thoughtful financial planners looking out for our money and future.”

“I value Legacy and the team we work with not only because of the outstanding personal service they provide but also because of the financial expertise they bring to the table.”

“We’ve been a client since 2008. We began the relationship with a very modest start. Legacy was willing to take us on, nonetheless. While the demands of the relationship have evolved as the size of the relationship has grown, we’ve always received exceptional service and advice!”

“We have a great deal of confidence in our relationship with the team at Legacy. Their motives and our motives are aligned. This creates great peace of mind for me and my family knowing that their actions will always be in our best interest.”

“My wife and I, fifteen years ago, chose to entrust Legacy Private Trust Company with preserving and growing our family wealth for both present and future generations. We have experienced an enduring and rewarding relationship secured by complete trust, exceptional service, and excellent wealth management. Mutual understanding of short and long-term goals has been a critical factor. I am confident in referring family and friends to Legacy. “

“We have referred extended family members and personal friends to Legacy Private Trust over the past 15 years. The bench strength of second-generation investment and trust advisory professionals that the Legacy founders have attracted and retained is impressive. This bodes well for carrying our adult children and grandchildren into a financially successful future.”

“The Legacy team is prompt, thorough, and proactive with their service and guidance. Their professional integrity is at the highest level 100% of the time.”

“A stellar group indeed! Congratulations on 18 years of excellence!”

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