Banking Stress Ignored by Credit Markets

In an increasingly data-driven world, the investment team at Legacy realized that, through charts and graphs, we would be able to convey information more quickly and effectively. Charts also allow us to share larger sets of data with our audience, display trends and changes over time, and convey relationships between multiple data sets.

For these reasons, Gregory S. Hansen, Legacy’s Managing Director of Trust Investments, and Connor R. O’Brien,  Trust Investment Officer at Legacy, developed our popular “Chart Check” series. We publish timely economic content in an easy-to-understand visual format several times a month and provide a brief explanation of the data.

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Chart Check: Banking Stress Ignored by Credit Markets

Published 04.03.2023

Fixed income spreads, one of the market’s best indicators of financial stress, remain benign. High-yield spreads, while elevated, have tightened this week while investment-grade bonds have largely ignored the fallout from the failure of Silicon Valley and Signature Bank.

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