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Entrepreneurial Spirits – April 2024 Chart Check

Recognizing the crucial role of data in contemporary society, the investment team at Legacy has adopted a graphical approach for rapid and efficient information conveyance. Utilizing charts and graphs, we can represent large data sets, illustrate trends and changes over

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Investment Management

S&P 500 Sector Performance for March 2024

Over long time periods, sector performance is largely driven by the overall state of the economy, underlying corporate earnings, current and predicted interest rates, geopolitical events and inflation, among other factors. Reviewing the sector performance for the month of March

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Economic and Financial Digest

Noisy Data Complicates Fed Policy – March 2024

With a presidential election looming, geopolitical tensions escalating, and central banks considering a significant shift in its policy stance, 2024 looks to be an eventful year with many possible outcomes. So far, the financial markets are taking a “what, me

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Retirement Planning

Navigating Economic Impact: Inflation-Proofing Your Retirement

Inflation, often called the silent yet formidable force, is impactful in shaping the economic landscape that influences our day-to-day living and, more critically, our retirement planning strategies. The implications of inflation are multifaceted, presenting immediate and long-term challenges that require

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Financial Planning

Securing the Future: Financial Planning Insights for Women

In the spirit of Women’s History Month, it’s pivotal to highlight the unique financial landscapes women navigate. This observance traces its origins back to 1981 when Congress initiated the annual celebration in March. This period commemorates women’s substantial contributions to

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