April 29, 2021 | Women and Wealth

The Impact of the Pandemic on Women and Their Future

In this third and final installment of Legacy’s first Women and Wealth Episode, Candy Thurs, Susan Hickey, and Kathy Brost discuss the future women are facing post-pandemic. Having previously identified the pandemic’s impacts on finances and family, they now extend the conversation to include ideas and strategies for moving forward and prospering economically, socially, and financially. We have collectively learned a lot of lessons over the past year, but most importantly we have learned to stop putting off the necessity of financial and future planning. We thank you for participating in this conversation with us, and invite you to look for future episodes of our Women and Wealth series.

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Featured Speakers

Candy Thurs
Candy H. Thurs

Kathy Brost
Kathy A. Brost

Photo of Susan Hickey
Susan M. Hickey