January 18, 2019 | eFocus @ Legacy

Born Before 1954? Consider This Social Security Strategy

By: Rachel K. Wolf, Trust Tax and Financial Planning Officer, Legacy Private Trust Company If you or your spouse were born before January 2, 1954, you may still be eligible to take advantage of the restricted application filing strategy for Social Security retirement benefits. The strategy is limited and expires at the end of 2019. […]

December 30, 2018 | Economic and Financial Digest

Gathering Headwinds

With the midterm elections behind us, the pollsters can breath a sigh of relief that the outcome was generally consistent with their predictions, unlike the embarrassing misses in the 2016 election. For the most part, economists can also pat themselves on their collective backs for correctly predicting the economy’s performance this year. Most saw a […]

November 20, 2018 | Economic and Financial Digest

The Fed in the Crosshairs

The Federal Reserve, as expected, raised its bellwether policy rate again at its September meeting, bringing it to a range of 2 to 2-1/4 percent. That’s still low by historical standards, but a fair distance away from the near zero level in effect from December 2008 through December 2015. If all goes according to plan, […]

October 23, 2018 | eFocus @ Legacy

Three Questions

By: Kathy Brost, Trust and Financial Advisor, Legacy Private Trust Company I talk to a lot of people about what they want to do with their lives. For those who are still working, it usually becomes a discussion of what they want to do when they retire. My friends, our clients, my family—people in their […]

October 20, 2018 | Economic and Financial Digest

The Road Ahead Will Get Bumpier

The economy is closing in on the best year for growth in more than a decade, and household and business spirits are understandably upbeat. Workers have enjoyed 95 consecutive months of job growth, the longest stretch on record; wages are finally starting to rise at a faster clip; and personal finances continue to improve, with […]