Suzanne C. Dennis

Assistant Audit & Compliance Officer 920.967.5067

Suzanne Dennis initially joined Legacy as a Trust Operations Officer, but became an Assistant Audit & Compliance Officer in 2020. Prior to joining Legacy, Suzanne was a client service associate with JPMorgan Private Wealth Management and Wells Fargo Private Wealth Management. Suzanne has more than 20 years of experience in the financial services industry. Currently, she assists Ranee Bahn with managing and monitoring Legacy’s internal audit, risk measurements and compliance processes

Away from the office, Suzanne plans her personal schedule around being active outdoors, where she plays golf, tennis, or volleyball. She incorporates exercise into her work day by spending lunch hours walking a couple of miles around the neighborhood adjacent to the office. She also bikes, rides horses, and takes vacations to hike in picturesque locations. When in the kitchen, Suzanne experiments with contemporary food recipes that require healthy ingredients and loves to share her creations with courageous taste-testers. As an avid dog owner, Suzanne is a long-time volunteer at the Fox Valley Humane Association.

With a combination of a systematic work style and her meticulous attention to details, Suzanne provides sound leadership within our team of professionals. She is very friendly and thoughtful when dealing with clients, vendors, and coworkers, and her supervisory experience allows her to take charge when necessary and get projects done.