S. Sue Fencl

Vice President, Director of Support Services 920.967.5036

Sue Fencl has been an indispensable member of Legacy’s team since our inception in 2004, and has been instrumental in directing our trust operations and client support services. She is a member of our executive committee that leads our corporate initiatives and helps set policies and procedures throughout the entire organization. Sue has more than 30 years of experience in banking and trust services and holds an associate degree in Business Administration from Florida Junior College in Jacksonville, FL.

Sue enjoys all things that are precious to Wisconsinites: the outdoors, a good fish fry and an old fashioned made from scratch. She enjoys her role as a grandmother to the fullest and spends much of her free time taking part in activities with her three grandchildren (her ‘precious little darlings’) that includes taking tae kwon do and piano lessons right along with them. Sue spends her summers at a lake home where she still water skis and keeps the campfire stoked for s’mores late into the evening.

Her genuine and kind personality makes her a valuable asset to work with, both for her colleagues and clients. She is an excellent trainer to our new employees and serves as a valuable resource of information for our business partners and throughout our organization. The truth is, if you have a question regarding Legacy, Sue will have an answer.