Customized Portfolios

Defining Your Goals and Strategies

Helping you achieve the financial goals that matter most to you is the central focus of all investment decisions. Our client-centric method begins by listening and clearly understanding your investment time horizon, family dynamics, and income and growth needs.

We build customized portfolios to meet your objectives through a disciplined, consistent approach, emphasizing extensive market research, security selection, and strategic asset allocation.

Our strategies are structured to:

  • Mitigate downside risks
  • Capitalize on economic and market trends
  • Maximize long-term, risk-adjusted performance

We monitor economic, political, and financial market environments, assess their potential impact and make the necessary adjustments to protect and grow your assets.

Frequent portfolio reviews and direct access to your portfolio manager can alert us of any significant changes in your personal situation or financial objectives, ensuring your investments stay on course toward achieving your goals.

Investment Philosophy

A Disciplined and Proactive Strategy

A proactive, strategic approach to investment management is essential in today’s dynamic markets and global economy. Legacy’s disciplined investment process employs a combination of quantitative screening, fundamental analysis, and the knowledge and experience of our portfolio managers.

To build a portfolio that is tailored to meet your investment time horizon, risk tolerance, and long-term income and growth needs, we implement personalized investment strategies through:

  • A core allocation of carefully screened large capitalization equities for long-term growth opportunities
  • A selection of exchange-traded funds (ETFs) to diversify across multiple asset classes
  • Strategic asset allocation strategies designed around your personal financial goals

Blending equity selections with ETFs is an efficient way to capitalize on dynamic asset opportunities present in today’s global equity markets. This investment process strives to look beyond mainstream consensus opinion to construct portfolios designed to ensure broad participation in the equity market, with less-than-average market volatility.

Combining our portfolio management methodology with consistently high standards of service and professional integrity, Legacy has the tools to tailor your investment portfolio to help you realize your lifestyle dreams and financial goals.

Nick Carver

As the director of investment services, Nick oversees our rigorous proprietary process so the investments selected for your portfolio are diligently screened, global in scope, and invested across multiple asset classes.

Securing Retirement

Living Your Retirement Dreams

Making the decision to retire can be one of the most thrilling, yet frightening times of your life. Legacy’s financial planning and investment professionals will help you confront many of the biggest questions you might have:

  • What is the best way to replace earned income with investment cash flow?
  • How will my tax liabilities change?
  • Is it time to sell the family home and divide the year between two residences?
  • When should I begin receiving Social Security benefits?
  • What is the best way to compare medical insurance programs?

Taking a thorough inventory of assets, calculating income, and measuring expenses and spending needs are the first steps to formulating your retirement plan. With your goals and dreams in focus, Legacy will work with you to create a personalized financial plan and investment strategy to guide you into a secure retirement so you can reap the benefits of your life’s work.

Legacy wants you to have the peace of mind that results from comprehensive and thoughtful planning. Retirement is an achievement and you have earned the right to enjoy it to the fullest.