October 23, 2015 | eFocus @ Legacy

In a world where financial companies spend $4 million dollars to capture 30 seconds of attention during the Super Bowl, Legacy Private Trust knows that long lasting relationships develop from one encounter at a time. “Managing wealth, making intelligent investment decisions and doing full financial planning requires an in-depth analysis of an individual’s or family’s complete financial situation. But before choosing a wealth management partner, they must first trust the firm with which they choose to do business,” Legacy President Michael B. Mahlik commented. “Once they make the decision to become a Legacy client, they quickly realize that we are totally committed and work tirelessly to build a long-term relationship that provides confidence and peace of mind.”

Michael B. Mahlik and Joseph E. McGrane Digest Oct 2015No matter how long it takes, we work to develop that trust with a client so that using Legacy’s multi-disciplined, full-service, investment management and trust services is the clear choice to manage and fulfill all of their planning and financial needs. Our approach is focused on finding the right combination of solutions that are specific to the needs of each individual family relationship we serve. Over time, those needs can change beyond our general services to include assisting with protecting the financial situation of children who are now adults, or helping clients transition into a new living arrangement as they no longer desire to maintain a large primary home. If one thing is certain, though, no two Legacy clients’ profiles are the same. We have the depth and breadth of staff, comprehensive service offerings and the flexibility to tailor our services to meet the needs of every family—needs that may be unique to them alone. This is one of the greatest benefits that Legacy provides to clients.

While Legacy celebrated 11 years in business earlier this year, many client relationships span decades. When Executive Vice President Joseph E. McGrane was recruited by a large regional bank and moved to Neenah, he joined a non-profit board and developed a long-term friendship with a fellow board member. When circumstances arose that his friend decided that he needed a new financial partner to help him manage his investments and financial affairs, he turned to Joe. “I don’t usually look to my friends as potential clients,” Joe explained. “But there are times when someone really needs to know who they are turning their financial well-being over to.”

Legacy’s guiding principal is to know every client so their needs are at the forefront of all planning and investment decisions. It requires that we invest more time and effort, but Legacy knows the investment will only enhance the value of the long-term client relationship.

With the overall economy continuing to improve, instead of taking a deep breath to reflect on how the rough waters of the recovery from recession were successfully navigated, Legacy is continuously looking for new ways to protect and preserve their clients’ wealth to bring further peace of mind into their lives. Financial markets are ever evolving, and Legacy’s investment team analyzes conditions from many perspectives so that assets are positioned to take advantage of positive market influences or withstand any threatening influences or risks. Corporate-wide, research of new advancements is continuous to make sure systems, security protocol and business practices are structured to protect client assets and personal information. Earning someone’s trust takes time and keeping it is emphasized each and every day by everyone who works at Legacy.

To our current clients, we thank you for entrusting us to help you manage your financial affairs. For those that have not yet engaged our services, we welcome the opportunity to begin developing a long-term relationship based on mutual respect and a vision for a more secure financial future.