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Archive: Economic and Financial Digest

March 24, 2020 | Economic and Financial Digest

RIP: The Longest Expansion

It won’t be confirmed for at least several months, but the U.S. is almost certainly heading into a recession. A little over a month ago, when the Covid-19 coronavirus first hit the headlines we, along with most economists, thought the nation could weather the storm if proper policies were quickly implemented and the outbreak contained […]

February 07, 2020 | Economic and Financial Digest

Consumers Will Be Less Feisty This Year

The economy ended 2019 with a bit more momentum than expected, as consumers ramped up spending and home construction soared to a 13- year high in December. These upbeat reports on retail sales and housing starts follow on the heels of other data that also came in on the strong side of the ledger. Most […]

January 15, 2020 | Economic and Financial Digest

Trade Agreements Spur Cautious Optimism

As the curtain closes on 2019, the year will be remembered for a number of hits and misses. Perhaps the biggest hit is that the economy completed a marathon, having outlasted all previous expansions by at least six months. The latest annual leg of the journey generated more than 2 million new jobs for a […]

December 11, 2019 | Economic and Financial Digest

The Good Place is on Shaky Ground

Federal Reserve chair Jay Powell continues to insist that the economy is in a “good place”, which, like the Goldilocks scenario, is neither too hot nor too cold – but just right. At least just right enough to keep the policy levers where they are for a while. After cutting interest rates for the third […]

November 13, 2019 | Economic and Financial Digest

Will Factory Slump Kill The Expansion

Throughout most of the year the U.S. economy has withstood a torrent of headwinds, including escalating trade tensions with China, a severe global slowdown, geopolitical turmoil and headline-grabbing political controversy that continues to bedevil the administration. These adverse developments have taken a toll on business confidence and delivered a blow to exports and manufacturing activity, […]