Legacy Trust Planning Team, back row: Laurene Brooks, Michael Mahlik, Lisa Kewley, and Terrence Chier. In front: Joseph McGrane.

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Trust and Estate Services

Trust and Estate Services

Legacy Private Trust Company is known for its unique, disciplined and hands-on approach to investment management. At the heart of what we do, however, is our commitment to helping you plan and achieve financial goals-both during and after your lifetime.

Establishing an estate plan and deciding how to transfer wealth can be an overwhelming task. It not only takes time, it's emotional. At Legacy, we take pride in being a member of your estate planning team. Though we do not draft estate planning documents, we help you understand and evaluate your plan. We will work with your lawyer and accountant to make sure you have the plan that best meets your goals and objectives.

Implementing an estate plan requires a unique ability to coordinate many moving parts. Our professionals have extensive experience implementing estate plans of all sizes and levels of complexity. Our investment management team is talented, knowledgeable and successful, and our administrative team has the necessary technical, financial planning, legal and tax expertise. In addition, all of our professionals have the understanding, empathy and compassion necessary to deal sensitively with family dynamics and individual personalities.

In many estate plans, trusts are a popular tool. Legally empowered by the State of Wisconsin, Legacy Private Trust Company serves as Trustee or Agent for Trustee for many trusts, both revocable and irrevocable. We also serve as Personal Representative or Agent for Personal Representative.