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Legacy's Tax Services

Tax and Planning Services

Legacy's Private Wealth Management philosophy includes a highly sophisticated understanding of the complicated nature of the taxes that affect businesses, affluent individuals and their families. Our relationship officers, some of whom are also attorneys, have extensive experience in dealing with complicated tax matters. Their experience and expertise cover a wide spectrum of taxation issues, encompassing federal and state personal income taxes, fiduciary tax return preparation, estate tax returns, retirement planning and personal and charitable gift planning.

Federal & State Personal Income Taxes
Our professionals are familiar with the tax laws and preparation procedures of State and Federal taxing authorities. Not limited solely to tax preparation, Legacy will monitor clients' estimated tax payments and aid in tax planning throughout the year.

Fiduciary Tax Return Preparation
We have extensive experience in preparing fiduciary income tax returns for trust and estate accounts and tax information letters for investment advisory accounts.

Estate Tax Returns
As a personal representative, we either prepare or coordinate the preparation of all Federal and State death tax returns. We will formulate post-mortem tax planning techniques, which in conjunction with a comprehensive estate plan can minimize estate taxes and maximize the transfer of wealth to heirs.      

Retirement Planning

If not handled properly, the accumulated wealth in tax-sheltered retirement accounts can create tax burdens. We can assist with planning, implementation and withdrawal strategies to avoid these problems and assure retirement as envisioned.

Personal & Charitable Gift Planning
Whether your generosity extends to family members through annual exclusion gifts or to charitable institutions through trusts or foundations, we can craft gifting strategies to achieve your philanthropic goals and to maximize tax savings.