Legacy Team Members, left to right: Terrence Chier, Julie Wanie, Barb Blashka and David Schedler.

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Retirement Planning

Personal retirement planning provides the direction needed to keep our clients' savings and retirement plans on track. By clearly defining objectives and mapping a carefully focused strategy, effective retirement planning can bring immeasurable satisfaction to life during the later career stages.

To be effective, a plan must be workable and focused on goals. It must be dynamic and flexible to change with the circumstances of life events, employment situation, or changing personal objectives.

Legacy's primary focus is our clients' financial security in retirement. We do not promote the sale of proprietary investment products or one-size-fits-all strategies.  We will develop a written plan that will serve as a road map to achieving the kind of retirement that our clients have worked so hard to achieve. By incorporating objectives, inventorying assets, and understanding cash flows, Legacy creates a workable plan that will help achieve peace of mind.