Legacy Team members, from left: Bo Bohannon, Lisa Kewley, Mary Jovanovich and Tammy Ross.

Philanthropic Advisory Services

After achieving a certain station in life, many individuals begin to reflect on how to balance the financial needs of their families with the needs of the broader community and decide that they want to pass their values as well as their wealth to future generations. By combining tax, estate and financial planning with charitable vehicles, families are able to create their own charitable foundation or trust.

Our professionals have worked with many wealthy individuals and families over their careers in implementing their charitable objectives. Whether a family's goal is to establish a flexible vehicle for charitable giving, to encourage intra-family communication and community support, foster values of generosity, empathy and passion, and/or to take advantage of the latest tax laws that encourage charitable giving, Legacy can help. Legacy can assist you in the planning, structure, and funding of your charitable gifts.

For some clients, a private family foundation is an appropriate charitable giving vehicle.  Family foundations offer a distinct opportunity to express a family's values, priorities and charitable mission through the direct involvement by family members in the giving process. Legacy offers a variety of advisory and management services, allowing the family to focus on the charitable giving aspects of the foundation.

At the core of these services is our commitment to help you find the best charitable giving strategy possible that fits with your family's objectives.  Legacy can help you make cash or stock gifts directly to your favorite charities; set up a charitable trust or foundation; create a fund through your local community foundation; or structure a charitable gift annuity.  We keep track of your gifts for tax purposes, and handle the paperwork associated with each charitable gift.  As trustee of a charitable trust, or the agent for the trustee of a charitable trust or family foundation, we not only help design the investment strategies, we handle all of the tax and compliance paperwork associated with the chosen charitable vehicle.