Investment Management Team, left to right: David Schedler, Nick Carver, Nicole Jones, Lori Conrad, and Bo Bohannon.

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Investment Management Services

Investment Philosophy

Our investment philosophy is a disciplined, consistent approach, emphasizing security selection, strategic asset allocation and relative value analysis. Relying on a proven approach to investment success, we construct individual portfolios to manage risk while maximizing long-term performance.  To ensure that our clients' investment objectives are met during a variety of financial conditions, their financial strategy will be clearly defined.  We address needs through customized portfolios tailored to meet the investment horizon, family dynamics, and income and growth needs. The key to superior investment performance for our clients is a rigorous adherence to our disciplined investment philosophy.

Investment Management Process

We utilize a dynamic valuation strategy employing quantitative and fundamental analysis, focusing on quality investments with emphasis on risk management through asset allocation.  Securities are selected through a disciplined process incorporating sophisticated quantitative analysis and the qualitative judgment of senior investment professionals. This rigorous investment process strives to look beyond mainstream consensus opinion to construct portfolios designed to achieve your investment goals and weather varying market conditions.

Portfolio Management

Our portfolio managers are responsible for developing investment strategy and establishing a strategic asset allocation plan, as well as constructing and constantly monitoring the portfolio. Through a combination of our core competencies - quantitative screening and modeling, fundamental analysis and the knowledge and experience of our portfolio managers - customized portfolios are built to meet the objectives of our clients.  In constructing a client portfolio, we consider the appropriateness of these asset classes:

  • U. S. equities
  • Fixed income
  • Foreign equities
  • Private investments
  • Alternative assets
  • Money market funds