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July: The Wind Is at the Economy's Back for the Remainder of 2014
Author: Paul Kasriel, Senior Economic and Investment Advisor

April: New Wisconsin Trust Code Brings Wisconsin into the 21st Century
Author: Laurene Brooks, Senior Trust Advisor

January: Take a long-term, disciplined approach for investment success in 2014
Author: David Trotter, Trust Investment Officer


July: Like the finer things in life, we are even better with age
Author: Michael B. Mahlik, President

April: America Has Faced The Unknown Since 1776
Author: Paul KasrielSenior Economic and Investment Advisor

January: Economic Policies, Debt Ceiling Agreement Could Boost Stocks in 2013
Author: David TrotterTrust Investment Officer


October: Understanding Investment Management Fees
Author: Garth Miller, Business Development

July: Why a Corporate Trustee May Be a Better Choice as Your Financial Trustee
Author: Lisa G. Kewley, Senior Trust Advisor

April: Roth IRA Celebrates 15th Birthday
Author: Laurene M. Brooks, Senior Trust Advisor

January: A Look Back at Another Exceptional Year at Legacy
Author: Michael B. Mahlik, President


October: A GREAT Time for a GRAT
Author: Terry Chier, Trust and Investment Advisor

July: High Net Worth Investors' Tactics Offer Guidance
Author: Dave Bauman, Investment Trust Officer

April: Implications of the Euro Zone Debt Crisis for the United States
Author: Garth Miller, Business Development

January: Looking ahead to 2011
Author: Nick Carver, Director of Investments


July: Legacy's Strategic Asset Allocation Account has produced some 'catchy' results
Authors: Nick Carver, Director of Investments and David R. Schedler, Senior Investment Advisor

January: Flexible Investment Approach and Risk Management Rewards Legacy Clients in 2009
Author: Nick Carver, Director of Investments


October: How Cash Flow Analysis Impacts Legacy's Investment Planning Process
Author: David R. Schedler, Senior Investment Advisor

July: The Changing Complexion of 'Wealth Management'
Author: Michael B. Mahlik, President

June: Exchange Traded Funds Offer Cost-Effective Opportunities to Protect Your Portfolio from Volatility
Author: David R. Schedler, Senior Investment Advisor