Legacy's Founding Team, left to right:
David Schedler, Linda Fahrenkrug, Sue Fencl, Nick Carver, Lisa Kewley, Joe McGrane and Mike Mahlik.

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We realize that you have numerous choices available to you with regard to wealth management services. Here are compelling reasons why you should consider Legacy to be your wealth management advisor and financial partner:

  • A team of accomplished, highly experienced investment management and relationship professionals
  • Innovative, well-disciplined and dynamic portfolio management services designed to mitigate risk and capitalize on market opportunities
  • A client-centric approach that delivers customized solutions through a consultative team model, focused on achieving your goals and expectations
  • An objective, independent and unbiased advisor
  • Our role as a corporate fiduciary holds us to a higher standard and commitment to serving in your best interest
  • A passionate commitment to exceptional service, value and integrity
  • Extensive financial planning capabilities, providing the multi-faceted analysis of your situation you need to make the right financial decisions
  • Low employee turnover due to a high level of employee satisfaction and significant employee ownership of our closely held company 

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